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Your friendly neighbourhood GP clinic. Providing a wide range of services to Donnybrook and surrounding areas.



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We provide a full range of general practice services to public and private patients, serving the local and surrounding communities.

Women’s Health

Fertility, contraception, menopause, antenatal, stress, aches & pains, general health check-ups.

Men’s Health

Sexual health, hair loss, joint/muscle pain, prostate, general health check-ups, STI screening.

Health check-up

Get an in-depth, comprehensive assessment of your general health, no matter what age you are.


Botox, PRP and more cosmetic solutions provided by experienced doctors with complete professionalism.
Over 70 years of combined expertise in GP care.

Specialist services at Morehampton Clinic


Are you experiencing symptoms of menopause? Call us know for an appointment at our specialist menopause clinic

Joint and muscle pain

Aches or pains in your muscles & joints that won't go away? Our doctors have a range of treatments to help you finally get rid of them.


Contact our experienced doctors today to discuss all your fertility questions - we do our own investigations in house.

Insurance Medicals

Do you need a medical for insurance, mortgage or work purposes? We can help.


Excess sweating? Our treatments instantly stop embarrassing sweat and will last for months at a time.


Have any concerns of moles, skin tags or growths? The Morehampton Clinic has decades of experience in skin care.

Sexual Health

STI screening, contraception, ED, PE - we can help you in strictest confidence.

Travel Vaccines

Vaccines for travel, work or infectious diseases at very competitive prices.

Need to make an appointment? Call us on 01-2693921 or email us

Cosmetic Treatment.

With the proliferation of clinics around Dublin providing cosmetic procedures, there is a huge variation in quality and price for all sorts of procedures. At Morehampton Clinic, you can rest assured that experienced, trained doctors are delivering your procedures with complete professionalism and a detailed awareness of what should and should not be done.

Joint and Muscle Pain.

Do you suffer from longstanding aches & pains in your muscles and/or joints? Is it arthritis? Is it an old unresolved injury? Don’t just put up with that pain – come and see us and we’ll do everything we can to help. Make an appointment at Morehampton Clinic for a full physical exam, referral for scans if required and a range of treatment options to tackle that pain.

Your Health Is The Most Valuable Thing You Have

At Morehampton Clinic, we offer comprehensive assessment of your general health, whatever your age.

Did your last birthday end in a zero
(40, 50, 60 etc)?

Do you want a general MOT of how you’re doing?

Any family history of major disease that’s worrying you?

Meet Our Team

Our team are highly trained in many areas and are happy to look after your general health and more specific requirements.

Dr. Siobhan Collins


Dr Siobhan Collins has been in the practice since 1986. She graduated from UCD in 1980. She enjoys all aspects of General Practice including women’s health, paediatric care, infertility, care of the elderly and has a special interest in Menopause. She is a keen park runner and golfer and has five grown up daughters.

Dr. Laura MacKenzie


Dr. Gavin Keane


Dr Gavin Keane joined the practice in 2019. He has a special interest in men's health and joint/muscle problems. He grew up locally and has two young children.

Dr. Margaret Crowe


Dr Margaret Crowe joined the practice in 1999. She has special interests in women's health, paediatrics, dermatology and psychology. She is a Galway graduate but living locally since then.

Annette McGlynn

Practice Nurse

Elaine Keogh

Practice Manager

Aideen McHale