Childhood Immunisations

  • Childhood vaccinations: please visit to see the most up to  date immunisations schedule for your child (free)
  • We are happy to offer vaccination against Chickenpox (Varicella Zoster).This can be given to children from 14 months of age.  Two injections are required, ideally six weeks apart. They not covered under the Childhood Vaccination Schedule.  The cost of these vaccines is €150 in total.
  • We offer Bexero vaccination for Meningitis B. Two vaccinations are usually required. Cost of a full course of two vaccinations is €300

Maternity Care

Maternity Care
We are delighted to offer antenatal care, usually combined with an obstetrician, under the Mother and Child scheme.


ECG / Cholesterol Testing

We can do cholesterol and ECG testing for prevention , treatment and monitoring of heart diseases. A longer appointment is needed for an ECG.

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

Monitoring your blood pressure over a full day and night gives us us a better idea of what your true blood pressure is, rather than taking a single reading. We have a monitor which you take home, returning the next day, and our computer reads the data from it. It is very simple to use.

Family Planning

We offer a wide range of family planning services and are always willing to discuss the various options and their suitability to you.
We can provide:
Oral Contraception (Pill)
Emergency “Morning After” Pill
Implanon (the bar) insertion and removal
Contraceptive Injections
IUCD Advice & Insertion (includes both Mirena and Copper IUCDs)

Vasectomy. Performed here in Morehampton Clinic. See

Cervical Smears

This a quick and simple test which could detect early cancer of the cervix. Cervical smear tests are now free to women between 25 and 60 under the National Cervical Screening Programme. Please let reception know that your appointment is for a smear test.

Annette, our practice nurse, carries out most of the smear tests on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. If you are making an appointment for this please tell the receptionist.

To avail of the free smear test we will require your PPS number and you need to register with the national Cervical Screening Programme.

Minor Surgery

All our doctors have experience in performing minor surgery for such cases as skin lesions, abscesses, ingrown toenails, lacerations,nosebleed, etc. Most of these operations are covered by VHI and AVIVA, who pay the doctor directly with no or little charge to the patient.


Cryotherapy, or freezing , is very suitable for treating warts and some other skin conditions. We perform it with a nitrous oxide machine and no prior notice is necessary for this. It is not suitable for very young children. Most insurers pay directly for this.

Travel Vaccinations Advice

We are a WHO approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre and can offer a full range of travel vaccinations and advice, even for the most remote and unusual destinations. We have a computerised database advising us about these. If a trip is very long and complicated, please arrange for a longer consultation. It is very helpful if you have a detailed list of where and when you are going, also a record of previous vaccinations.


Menopause, HRT and Osteoporosis

This is an area of considerable importance and controversy. We can offer advice about all of these , but a longer appointment than normal will usually be necessary to discuss all the options open to a woman at that stage of her life.


Investigations & Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

We have a lot of experience in working with these always embarrassing conditions. We are happy to help you if you are concerned about them. We have a policy of total confidentiality and can diagnose and treat virtually all of these conditions in the ordinary surgery.


Arthritis Treatment

Dr Collins grandfather discovered the Collins Procaine treatment, suitable for the most common forms of arthritis. It is a safe and holistic treatment for arthtritis, and she is always willing to discuss and arrange it